CineStill 800T

Type of Film:  Color

Format:  35mm & 120mm

Film ISO Speed:  800

Who Makes It?  CineStill

Where Is It Made? USA


What’s great about this film?

800T is acutally Motion Picutre Film Stock and is a Tungstan balanced color film.

What is Tungstan balanced you ask?  This is a film with a color balance designed to shoot indoors or in a studio with lighting that is about 3200° on the Kelvin Scale.

This is a higher ISO speed film that is great for shooting in lower light situations.

Since there is no remjet adhesive layer on the film you end up with a very unique Halation Effect which is a blurred effect around the edges of the highlight areas.

This film can be Push Processed up to 3200 ISO.

This film is processed in standard C-41 Color Chemistry.

It’s made in the USA!


Film Grain Characteristics

Sample Gallery of Pictures Shot with CineStill 800T